Welcome to
Lions Club Lübeck-Holstentor

Lions Club Lübeck-Holstentor was founded by a group of friends in 1965. These founding fathers of our Club were intent on doing something good for their hometown, the City of Lübeck, while sharing their experiences and enjoying the camaraderie of serving their local community.

Our Club has been an active Club carrying on public service activities since its inception. Lions Club International, the world’s largest NGO, operates in accordance with the motto “We Serve”. Over the years, this has also been the dominating theme for Lions Club Lübeck-Holstentor.

Up until now, the members of our Club have placed a lot of emphasis on supporting local social activities by making donations to such organisations as mixed pickles e.V. and Lübeck schools within the Lions Quest program.

Going forward, the Club recently decided to realign the areas where the members especially want to invest their time, effort and donations in accordance with the motto of “Our Lübeck”:

  • Children
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Environment
  • Integration

Not only do we collect donations for a good cause through activities, such as our successful “Punschbude” during advent, the Club members donate their time to build, renovate and upgrade buildings or plant trees and take part in annual events such as “Aktion Sauberes Lübeck”.

We work with partner organisations to create a “Win-Win” situation for everybody involved and simultaneously have fun serving our local community.

We put a lot of emphasis on our Club life. Not only do we have Club evenings with presentations from experts in their fields, we also share events such as monthly breakfasts, visits to open air cinema, our annual bike-tour and club trips to interesting and fun destinations, just to name a few.

Cosmopolitism is reflected in our efforts to reach out to our international Lions Friends. We are working to build bridges of understanding within Europe by establishing a connection to the great guys of the Lions Club Tallinn City in Estonia.

Over the years, the Club has evolved to reflect the changes in society at large. It is now a mixed Club for men and women, looking forward to being an important member of the service club scene in Lübeck in the years to come. Of course, we are very aware of the time commitments of our members and are open for partners and families to take part in most of our activities.

Our society needs people who want to make a difference to their local community by thinking globally and acting locally. “We serve” is as relevant today to our actions as when the club was founded 53 years ago.

The members of Lions Club Lübeck-Holstentor look forward to meeting you!